Amanda & Patrick | Wedding

Amanda & Patrick are an awesome couple.
amanda patrick
That I could tell from the first time we met for photographs. The love these two share is undeniable and I LOVE it. Patrick’s family and my family go  far back, with my brother and dad doing Boy Scouts with Patrick, his brother and dad. Amanda has easily been the most versatile bride I’ve ever had. Not long after our first meeting, Amanda surprised me by asking if they could move their wedding from October to August! Luckily I was able to move dates with no problems, and captured their beautiful intimate family affair 🙂

sneak blog-1 sneak blog-2 sneak blog-3 sneak blog-4

Amanda’s dress had so many options!

sneak blog-6 sneak blog-7 sneak blog-8

Mr. Britt was a big help for Patrick 😉

sneak blog-5 sneak blog-9

And then it was time…

sneak blog-10 sneak blog-11 sneak blog-12

Amanda & Patrick did a blessing of the rings, which I had never seen done. I thought it was a sweet touch to pass the rings around and have a blessing from each of their guests!
sneak blog-14 sneak blog-15 sneak blog-16sneak blog-17 sneak blog-18 sneak blog-19

The reception was lots of fun! Of course the green and blue theme was carried over.

sneak blog-22 sneak blog-21And there was dancing for everyone!

sneak blog-23 sneak blog-24 sneak blog-25 sneak blog-28 sneak blog-26 sneak blog-29And of course this! I think Patrick’s nose even had the pleasure of sampling the cupcakes!

sneak blog-27The reception venue just happened to be next to the same playground where Patrick and Amanda shared their first kiss, so I insisted that we recreate it…

sneak blog-31

inside of the twisty slide! Amanda and Patrick were so much fun!

sneak blog-30
sneak blog-32

I hope you could see their love for each other shine through! Congratulations Amanda & Patrick! I wish you nothing but the best!


Until next time,
❤ Malice
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