Corbin & Nolan | Cake Smash

As you know by now, I love repeat clients, and these guys are no exception. I started photographing this family when they found out they were pregnant, with twins!


Katie, Patrick and big brother Addison were so stoked for the twins to come! Next, I photographed the boys just after they were born. Here’s Corbin & Nolan when I met them 1 year ago, they were so cute in Daddy’s uniform.

981707_550556731668628_1501482053_oAnd we met again for the twin’s 6 month photos, which just so happened to be around Christmas time.

1425468_637310212993279_1247073789_oBut now these guys are one! We had a great time trotting around Pole Green Park for their portraits. Katie always has great ideas, so we did some shots in the wagon, some shots on a swing, we smashed their cakes and then hit the tub. The pictures are adorable, I hope you like them!

corbin & nolan edited-2 corbin & nolan edited-6 corbin & nolan edited-29 corbin & nolan edited-36 corbin & nolan edited-37 corbin & nolan edited-43 corbin & nolan edited-44 corbin & nolan edited-49


Of course they had to taste each other’s cake.

corbin & nolan edited-63 corbin & nolan edited-64

The boys had a blast with the cakes. Corbin had a seat on Nolan’s cake towards the end!

corbin & nolan edited-75

After the cake smash, the twins hit the tub, for some of the cutest bubble bath pictures ever!

corbin & nolan edited-82 corbin & nolan edited-91 corbin & nolan edited-95

corbin & nolan edited-99 corbin & nolan edited-104 corbin & nolan edited-105

corbin & nolan edited-115I told you they were cute!  I had such a hard time picking favorites, but I hope you enjoyed them! Check out the full gallery here:–nolan–cake-smash

Until next time,

❤ Malice

corbin & nolan edited-118



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