Allyse & George | A Wedding Story

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Allyse and George’s big day was my first wedding of the season and MAN did they luck out on weather for an April wedding.


When Allyse and George booked their engagement session, I thought they were crazy. It was 7:30 in the morning! But that beautiful golden sunlight panned out.

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Their dip picture is one of my favorites!

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But anyways, back to the wedding. The wedding was held at the Dominion Club in Wyndham, VA, and man was it beautiful!

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But even the venue’s beauty couldn’t compare to Allyse and her friends!

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Allyse had some cute touches on her bouquet

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Her first look with her Dad was super sweet. Check out his tie 😉

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George and his friends also cleaned up nicely!

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The ceremony was beautiful check it out below.

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And we had fun with portraits, later.

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With such a fun group of people EVERYONE had a blast at the reception!

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I told you it was fun 😉


Allyse and George, I wish you guys nothing but the best! Congratulations, you’ll be hearing from me soon with all of your edits!


❤ Until next time

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