2017: A Year in Review

2017, man what a year it has been! The blog has been awfully quiet here lately, but one of my goals for 2018 is to have better communication- blogging included. I do have weddings to blog, and several other sessions I’d like to spotlight but today, I thought I’d do some reflecting on what Shot With A Bow has done this year. Shall we?

We met some new faces…

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/ethan-matthew-newbornView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/murrayfamilysessionView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/meet-danyView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/wesley-grayson-newbornView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/eleanor-gray-28-days-oldView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/johnny-hospitalView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/lawsonelyse-2-days-old-unedited

And watched others grow up…

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/blake-3-years-oldView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/charlie-cake-smashView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/chelsea-2-years-oldView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/eatson-cake-smashView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/harrison--2-years-oldView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/jackson-2-years-oldView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/jacob-cake-smashView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/julietbubblesView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/juliet-cake-smashView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/junior-cake-smashView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/rylee-ann-jaxson-birthdayView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/rylee-ann-jaxson-birthdayView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/the-tylers-1View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/trinity-3-years-oldView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/wes-6-months

We enjoyed the spring weather…

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/bliss-christina-spring-mini

And raised money for a sick puppy…

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/diesel-alice

I hung out with some absolutely BEAUTIFUL brides…

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/brittni-bridalsView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/jenn-bridals-unedited

I loved my 2017 weddings…

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/allyse-george-weddingAnnoucement EditedView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/katie-nick-weddingView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/jenn--nicCaroline & Jess portraits edited-5221457587_1571270352930589_1275546132770644090_obrittni & andrew wedding edited-108View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/suzzane-and-raymond

I shot some really fun events…

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/adrian-duke-projekView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/agecroft-hall-yuletideView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/boyscoutsView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/raelynn-summer-concert

I watched great friends expand and succeed with their careers…

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/scruff-to-fluffView More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/social-repose

I played around with my coworkers…

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/astyra-fest-68172017-12-11_0001

I found the perfect fall prop…

Fall Minis.jpg

The little red truck Christmas minis were a hit!

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/sweenychristmas

All of my other Christmas sessions sold out!

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/tuthillchristmas

We even  had fun in the snow!

View More: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/kourisiblingschristmas

2017 was definitely one to remember, and I want to thank each and everyone of my clients for allowing me to capture their stories. 2018 will be bringing bigger and better changes including a studio, more blogs, more products, minis and more!  I’m looking forward to it!

Until next time,

❤ Malice

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