Nikki & Ty | LaFlame Wedding

Hello Shot With A Bow fans!

Sorry for the delay in blogging, I’ve spent the last two months moving and editing and trying to get my life back in order, so I appreciate the understanding. But let’s get right to it!


Pulling up to Nikki and Ty’s wedding at The Alturia Farm I knew the day wasn’t exactly what every bride dreams of. Big gray clouds and lots and lots of puddles, but I was determined to make sure their day was super special! Nikki’s details didn’t disappoint!

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First looks, I won’t lie, are my favorite. But when I have couples that are a little more traditional, I love when the bride and the groom exchange letters. Here’s that moment for this bride and groom 🙂

Another big thing right now is for the bride to surprise her bridesmaids with her dress for the first time the day of the wedding. They always make for fun photos.

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While the girls were getting the boys were, well, being boys! Alturia has great spots for both sides of the wedding party to get ready. Here’s some snapshots of the guys!

Even though the ceremony had to be inside, it was still absolutely perfect!

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What princess doesn’t get to ride away on a horse and carriage!

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Their photos don’t look like a gloomy day at all, but here’s a behind the scene shot so you can see what we had to do to keep Nikki’s dress white!

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The reception was a blast! Everyone had a great time!

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By the end of the day, I think everyone had forgotten about the weather, because everything else was absolutely perfect.

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Congratulations you two!


Until next time,


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