RVA Take Over: 2014 USA Collegiate Cycling Championship

Hello again world! I hope you had a fabulous weekend, I sure did! Today I’m writing my recap of the 2014 USA Collegiate Cycling Championship held in downtown Richmond, VA this past weekend. Any one anywhere near Richmond heard the race was coming to help us prepare for the UCI Road World Championship in 2015.

bike edited-22

Tons of new pavement and loads of road closures, I was super nervous driving into work Friday morning; unsure of what I’d find. I was pleased to find I had no problems getting to the office.

bike edited-2

I brought the camera, and had a chance to go check the finish and starting lines.  It was pretty cool! Here’s just a couple of  shots of the starts of the team timed trials.

bike edited-6

bike edited-5 bike edited-7It was pretty surreal to see such popular routes shut down for a race!

bike edited-3

Looking down Broad street from corner of 5th street

bike edited-10

Broad & 2nd Streets

bike edited-23

East Franklin Street from 4th street

Watching the schools race made me miss my bicycle! They were so fast!

bike edited-18 bike edited-15 bike edited-13

Traffic getting out of the city was pretty miserable but I think it’s great that such a big event came to our city! Richmond has come along way in recent years and we cannot WAIT to show the world Richmond and all of it’s beautiful and historic nooks and crannies.

bike edited-21

5th & Grace Streets. Cokesbury building.


We’ll see you in 2015 racers!

bike edited-4

Until next time,

Malice ❤


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