When Clients Become Friends | Ben & Danielle

I’m happy to live in a small town where most of business comes from word of mouth or from people I already know somehow. I’m also happy when I can find clients who I can call friends, as I photograph  more and more major milestones in their lives and relationships. Ben and Danielle are one of those clients. The three of us went to high school together, but were never really friends. But back in 2012 our journey towards friendship began. Ben & Danielle have loved each other for  10 years now, and lucky for me they loved pictures, too.  Ben proposed in February of 2012, and we scheduled their *first* engagement shoot for May. Here’s some photos from our first time together:

part one (7 of 50) part one (33 of 50) part three (25 of 98) part three (92 of 98)


Ben farms the land of a beautiful, privately-owned 1800s plantation named Clover Lea, which appears on the National Register of Historic Places. Check out these pictures from their *second* engagement shoot in September 2012.

part one-1 part three-43 part three-62 Edited part 2-24

Did I mention they were a very photogenic couple?

The owners, Mr & Mrs Williams have graciously allowed Ben & Danielle to not only have their engagement photos taken at their home but also Danielle’s bridal portraits…

danielle edited 1-1 danielle edited 1-5 danielle edited 1-13 danielle edited 1-21 danielle edited 1-30


Let us check out Danielle’s *second* bridal shoot:


danielle bridal two edited-2 danielle bridal two edited-3 danielle bridal two edited-5


Mr & Mrs Williams also hosted Ben and Danielle’s wedding! So without further ado, I bring you Shot With A Bow’s coverage of Ben & Danielle’s wedding from October  12,  2013. Enjoy!

The details

The details

ben&danielle edited-39 ben&danielle edited-40 ben&danielle edited-53ben&danielle edited-57 ben&danielle edited-58 ben&danielle edited-60 ben&danielle edited-62 ben&danielle edited-63 ben&danielle edited-64 ben&danielle edited-67

ben&danielle edited-74 ben&danielle edited-94 ben&danielle edited-100 ben&danielle edited-108 ben&danielle edited-111

ben&danielle edited-193 ben&danielle edited-204 ben&danielle edited-211 ben&danielle edited-214 ben&danielle edited-221


ben&danielle edited-243

ben&danielle edited-244

ben&danielle edited-255 ben&danielle edited-264 ben&danielle edited-303 ben&danielle edited-311


This is what kept the rain at bay. #southerntraditions

This is what kept the rain at bay. #southerntraditions

ben&danielle edited-328 ben&danielle edited-335ben&danielle edited-376 ben&danielle edited-377 ben&danielle edited-384 ben&danielle edited-393 ben&danielle edited-396ben&danielle edited-406 ben&danielle edited-421 ben&danielle edited-433 ben&danielle edited-435 ben&danielle edited-452 ben&danielle edited-462


ben&danielle edited-502 ben&danielle edited-510

ben&danielle edited-485 ben&danielle edited-508

ben&danielle edited-529 ben&danielle edited-551 ben&danielle edited-620

ben&danielle edited-624

The end…



I can’t wait to see what adventures I’ll go on next with my friends, Mr & Mrs Waitman 😉

❤ Malice

test results edited-16

One thought on “When Clients Become Friends | Ben & Danielle

  1. My beautiful niece how you have become such a great person. I am very proud of you not to mention I adore your husband you two will have a blessed life together and may all your dreams come true. Love you all
    Anne Grindstaff

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