Hannah & Jesse | Proposal Shoot

As a photographer, being able to keep a secret is an unwritten requirement in our job description. Whether we are  involved in planning shoots for pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, surprise events at weddings or surprise proposals, I think I speak for all of us when I say it’s something that makes us love our jobs more.  Which is why I was thrilled when old friend, Jesse called and told me his exciting proposal plan this past fall.

Jesse, also a photographer, came up with a great plan. He asked his girlfriend, Hannah to come along for a photo shoot with me; we were going to take photos of me for my website.  Since I was posing with my camera, I would conveniently take a few photos of the happy couple, since they admittedly had very few photos together. At just the right moment, Jesse would pull out the ring and get down on one knee. The photos really speak for themselves, but Hannah was surprised and the couple is happy.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


Here's a sneak peek of Hannah & Jesse before I began their part of the shoot!

Here’s a sneak peek of Hannah & Jesse before I began their part of the shoot!

Jesse was super nervous:

jesse proposal edited-7

But we did manage to get some cute shots.

jesse proposal edited-12 jesse proposal edited-18

Before we went back to nervous:

jesse proposal edited-20

We walked over to the flood wall that was perfect for Jesse’s big surprise.

jesse proposal edited-30

Hannah had no idea, and was really getting into her modeling poses!

jesse proposal edited-32 jesse proposal edited-33 jesse proposal edited-34
By now, even I was nervous for Jesse!

jesse proposal edited-36 jesse proposal edited-39 jesse proposal edited-41 jesse proposal edited-45

But Hannah, of course said yes!

jesse proposal edited-49 jesse proposal edited-51

Jesse did a great job picking out a ring, and with the help of Hannah’s mom, was able to use a family member’s  stone.  How special!

jesse proposal edited-67


Congratulations Jesse & Hannah! I wish you all the best in planning your dream wedding!

jesse proposal edited-63


Until next time,

Malice ❤

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