Harper Addison | Newborn

Harper Addison was born on December 26, 2012 at 6:30am. She was greeted into this world to meet her parents, Chasity & Ricky as well as a huge extended family who had been waiting a LONG time to meet her!

Chasity and I have been the best of friends since we were 5 years old and as long as I can remember we’ve dreamed of having little girls of our own; dressing them up, naming them, taking them shopping, and in general spoiling them rotten. In 2009, my world was turned upside down as my now husband and I welcomed our son, Beckham, into the world. I’m still not sure I’m prepared for a little boy but, luckily, I still get to buy bows since, after all they are sort of my trademark. After Chasity met and fell in love with her now husband, Ricky in 2010 I was honored to be a part of the wedding party. Chasity has had some health problems as she reached her 20’s and didn’t think she’d be able to have a child on her own. In fact, I vividly remember eating lunch with Chasity & Ricky the day after their wedding talking about the possibility of adoption. Well, In late April 2012 Chasity sent me a picture of a positive pregnancy test- we were all ECSTATIC! Shot With A Bow was there to capture pictures from the beginning; taking pictures each month to show off the bump, to hosting & shooting the baby shower, to a very late Christmas night at the hospital. After a long and somewhat difficult pregnancy we were all a little let down that Harper didn’t decide to make her entrance on Christmas day. All of us extended family left the parent’s to be at the hospital around 11pm, but you better believe when Ricky text me later that night (er..morning?) at 3:30am I was back at the hospital just as soon as I could get there! Miss Harper is now a month and a few days old, and Auntie Malice has been there every step of the way. I hope you enjoy the pictures below, from Shot With A Bow’s  journey with this beautiful little girl thus far!  

9 months

The week we found out!

The week we found out!

Auntie Malice! SUPER stoked for a little girl!

It's a girl! harper019-2

Auntie Malice is still SUPER excited Harper's a little girl :)

Auntie Malice is still SUPER excited Harper’s a little girl 🙂

Fun at the shower with Step Mom Alicia!

Fun at the shower with Step Mom Alicia!

Happy birthday beautiful! 12.26.12

471799_877838956849_319812987_o 457760_877838931899_1643257534_o

Super proud Auntie Malice

Super proud Auntie Malice

harper one week edited-4 harper one week edited-5 harper one week edited-6 harper one week edited-7 harper one week edited-8 harper one week edited-9 harper one week edited-11 harper one week edited-12 harper one week edited-13 harper one week edited-14 harper one week edited-15 harper one week edited-16 harper one week edited-17

Flash forward to 1 week old!

Flash forward to 1 week old!

You know Auntie had to go all out on accessories!

You know Auntie had to go all out on accessories!

harper one week edited-25

With a bow..of course!

harper one week edited-24 harper one week edited-26

I can't get enough of this hat, I love it!

I can’t get enough of this hat, I love it!

harper one week edited-36 harper one week edited-34

What's a little girl without a tutu?

What’s a little girl without a tutu?

harper one week edited-41

Harper is one month old!

Harper is one month old!

Daddy's girl already!

Daddy’s girl already!

harper one month edited-6 harper one month edited-7



Wide eyed :)

Wide eyed 🙂

harper one month edited-17 harper one month edited-19

harper one month edited-21



harper one month edited-30

harper one month edited-39 harper one month edited-41harper one month edited-50 harper one month edited-53 harper one month edited-56 harper one month edited-60 harper one month edited-62 harper one month edited-63 harper one month edited-71 harper one month edited-72 harper one month edited-73 harper one month edited-79 harper one month edited-80 harper one month edited-82 harper one month edited-84 harper one month edited-85 harper one month edited-86

Two beautiful girls that I love  so so much!

Two beautiful girls that I love so so much!


I sure can’t wait to see where else this road takes us. Congratulations again to the Hufners. I love you guys! Can’t wait to watch Miss Harper grow and to spoil her rotten!

3 thoughts on “Harper Addison | Newborn

  1. That was a beautiful story. Getting pregnant and having a baby such journey, both exciting and scary. I love the picture of the dad holding his daughter and you can see his tattoo that says, “In god I trust”. In there story that is so true. Enjoy every minute 🙂 I have 9.5 month old little girl and couldn’t imagine life without her. Babies make the world a happier place. Congratulations on your beautiful niece.

    • Thanks girl! They definitely had an exciting, nerve wrecking journey to getting Harper in their arms! I love the tattoo pictures, too. If you ever need any pictures of your little girl, let me know 😉

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