Tina & Mark | Proposal

When one of your friends gets engaged the excitement is crazy, but when you know just when he’ll propose and she has no idea– the excitement is unbelievable! I’m happy to share Tina & Mark’s proposal story as Shot With A Bow’s very first blog post!

Tina and I have been friends since she moved to Virginia back in middle school. We’ve been there for each other for the good times and the bad, and believe me when I say, we’ve definitely had our fair share of bad. The end of 2012 brought both of us great things. I married my longtime boyfriend and Mark came back into Tina’s life. Let me just tell you, I’ve never seen her happier! When Mark told me his plan to propose, Monday at The Jefferson Hotel, I immediately volunteered to capture the big moment! 

I arrived at the hotel around 9pm, unknowingly walking directly past the window where Tina & Mark were sitting inside enjoying dinner. Oops! Luckily she didn’t see me!  I “hid” at the bottom of the grand staircase, just as Mark and I had planned and after what felt like forever, I caught a glimpse of the two of them at the top of the stairs. I popped out to start snapping shots, but apparently Tina decided to walk around the catwalk around the perimeter of the room and I had to jump behind a column to avoid her seeing me. My heart was racing! Finally, they made their way back around the room to the top of the stairs, and Mark got down on one knee. After presenting her with a beautiful ring, she of course said yes! Check out below the pictures from their big moment!

Also, I’m collaborating with one of my favorite photographers on capturing all of the moments in this wonderful time for Tina & Mark so be sure you also check out Exposure, LLC’s blog for their engagement photos this spring! 

(As Malice runs up the stairs)

(As Malice runs up the stairs)

Water Works

SurprisedSurprised Face

She said yes!

She said yes!


She cries over everything ;)

She cries over everything 😉

Future Mr & Mrs Williams- Tina, I just realized you won't even have to change your initials!

Future Mr & Mrs Williams- Tina, I just realized you won’t even have to change your initials!


Didn’t Mark do a great job?!

The ring back where it belongs!

The ring back where it belongs!

HappyTo be continued

Beautiful night, beautiful couple! I’m so happy for you both Tina & Mark! Like I mentioned before, check for engagement pictures this spring with Exposure, LLC. This story is to be continued…

Lots of love! 

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