What I’ve Learned From You… | A Personal Post

Hello Shot With A Bow fans!

I’m so sorry it’s been awfully quiet around here. I think it’s about time to explain why. I’m in the middle of the dirty D word. Divorce. Something I never dreamed would happen. But, worse came to worse and life goes on. Instead of giving you an excuse, or complaining about life circumstances I wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of my wedding clients.

Shot With A Bow has been around now for about 4 years. Over the past 4 years I’ve shot over 30 weddings..  I’ve had people ask if it was hard for me to shoot weddings with my own personal issues going on, and the truth is absolutely not. On the contrary, over the years I’ve learned many valuable lessons from my wedding couples. While my wedding clients are all kinds of people with all kinds of backgrounds, there’s a few things every single couple has shown me. So without further adieu, here’s what I’ve learned from you…

1. Your spouse is your best friend. You laugh together. You cry together. He or she is your biggest supporter, and he or she will always be there for you.


Stephanie & Ryan July 2013

sneak peek-18

Amanda & Brian May 2014


2. You share similar interests with your spouse, and you take interest in your spouse’s interests so you can spend time together doing something fun!

kels george engagement edited-31

Kelsey & George July 2014

ben&danielle edited-384

Ben & Danielle October 2013

ben&danielle edited-393

Ben & Danielle October 2013


3. Your friends are his or her friends. You might have a night with the girls, without your spouse, but you have no problem with everyone hanging out together.

jamie & Kyle blog-11

Jamie & Kyle June 2014

edited blog-25

Renee & Garrett May 2013


4. If it’ll make your spouse laugh, you don’t care how silly you look.

Check facebook for how Robyn caught Josh!

Robyn & Josh May 2013


greer & lance wedding edited-131

Greer & Lance April 2014


5. Forever means, forever.

proposal shoot edited-17

Ardeshir & Ashley June 2014


Hannah & Jesse March 2014


So thank each and every one of you. Thanks for reminding me what Love is about. Thanks for being an example of how it looks to be in love. Thanks for being you, and for letting me photograph you on the happiest day of your lives. Wedding season starts this weekend and I cannot wait! Here’s to many more years of wedding photography!

Until next time,



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