A little late, but meet Tucker Rhett


Today’s blog post is super late, life in my household has been insane, so you’ll have to forgive me. I’ve been following Jessica and Tyler’s  pregnancy since they day they announced they were expecting on Facebook. Jessica and I went to school together when we were younger, everyone was so excited for them!

But towards the end of the pregnancy, everything changed. Jessica went into labor early ( 7 weeks early!) and the amazing Tucker Rhett was born 33 weeks on July 9th, 2014 measuring in at 4 lbs 17 oz and just 17.5 inches long! photo 3

As you can imagine, little Tucker Rhett had a little stay in the NICU (12 days to be exact) with Mom and Dad there to love him all along!

photo 2 photo 1 photo 5

After coming home, we waited for Tucker Rhett to reach his original due date of 40 weeks. before arranging this shoot. It was well worth the wait. This little family is PERFECT. See some of my favorites below!  🙂

tucker rhett newborn edited-18 tucker rhett newborn edited-19 tucker rhett newborn edited-25 tucker rhett newborn edited-27 tucker rhett newborn edited-34

Told you they were perfect 😉

tuckerrhetteditedagain1 tucker rhett newborn edited again 3 tucker rhett newborn edited again 5tucker rhett newborn edited-38 tucker rhett newborn edited-42

To end, we had to do something to incorporate daddy’s favorite activities!

tucker rhett newborn edited-55

To see more of Tucker Rhett’s beautiful sessions follow this link: http://shotwithabow.pass.us/tucker-rhett-newborn


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