Ardeshir & Ashley | A Proposal Story

proposal shoot edited-17

The best part of being a photographer is that I get to capture the emotion of people’s happiest moods; and I LOVE that. When Ardeshir reached out to me about planning to propose to his long time girlfriend, Ashley I was super excited! Listening to the details unfold was great. When Ardeshir arrived in Richmond the sky was clear, it was beautiful and everyone was happy. I warned him that we’d been getting a lot of on and off again storms so not to sweat, but I was SO not prepared for what lied ahead of us that evening.

Here’s what the sky looked like on the way to the location:

dark sky

By the time I made it to the location it was pouring, with lots of thunder!

I was so worried!

photo-17We decided to make do with what we got, so I waited the storm out, and by the time  Ardeshir arrived the storm was pretty much over, and the lighting outside was PERFECT. I appreciated his enthusiasm and willingness to make this a special event for Ashley.

proposal shoot edited-1 proposal shoot edited-2 proposal shoot edited-5

Once were all situated, it was only a few minutes before Ashley arrived with two of her friends. We all knew as soon as she saw Ardeshir she would know what’s going on, but that didn’t make it any less awesome to watch unfold.

proposal shoot edited-7 proposal shoot edited-8 proposal shoot edited-11

Watch the beauty of the moment unfold…

proposal shoot edited-14

proposal shoot edited-16 proposal shoot edited-18 proposal shoot edited-19 proposal shoot edited-22 proposal shoot edited-24 proposal shoot edited-28I think the rain kind of added a beautiful effect on the photos!proposal shoot edited-34

This one is my favorite 😉

proposal shoot edited-35

You would never have known this was done in front of an audience, but three of Ardeshir & Ashley’s friends were there watching and another  was watching it live on Skype. So you know they celebrated with them, too!

proposal shoot edited-29 proposal shoot edited-32

proposal shoot edited-39 proposal shoot edited-40 proposal shoot edited-42

After celebrating for a few minutes we got some “posed” photos. Although these guys were so excited and obviously in love, posing really wasn’t necessary, they looked great together naturally 🙂

proposal shoot edited-44 proposal shoot edited-46 proposal shoot edited-47 proposal shoot edited-49 proposal shoot edited-50 proposal shoot edited-53 proposal shoot edited-58 proposal shoot edited-65

Ardeshir, Ashley, I wish you both the best! Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture this for you guys. It was such great evening! Perfectly planned and executed!  And if you need a wedding photographer… I love to travel 😉

For more photos of the proposal, check here:

Until next time,

❤ Malice

Ps. The ring, like the evening, was beautiful!

proposal shoot edited-68

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