Cameron | 1st Birthday

Hello everyone!  I’ve kind of been slacking with blog posts the past few weeks because of the move, but as of today we are pretty much moved in! Just minor organizing still left to do. I wanted to brighten everyone’s Friday up a bit and share with you some pictures from Cameron’s first birthday party. My friend, Danielle NAILED the theme and everything looked fabulous! Hope you enjoy them!

cameron edited-1 cameron edited-2 cameron edited-3 cameron edited-4
cameron edited-17
 Aren’t they the BEST way to display fruits and veggies for a Sesame Street party ever?
cameron edited-9 cameron edited-16 cameron edited-11 cameron edited-24 cameron edited-25Here’s the birthday boy himself, Cameron:)
cameron edited-26 cameron edited-28 cameron edited-29 cameron edited-30 cameron edited-7 cameron edited-6 cameron edited-5Just some of the details of the party, along with the AWESOME cake!

cameron edited-44 cameron edited-55 cameron edited-43 cameron edited-38 cameron edited-35
cameron edited-66 cameron edited-63 cameron edited-60 cameron edited-57 cameron edited-72 cameron edited-79 cameron edited-76 cameron edited-81

Cameron wasn’t a huge fan of the cake, but everyone else LOVED it!

cameron edited-92 cameron edited-99 cameron edited-102 cameron edited-104

He sure loved his presents though 😉

cameron edited-95
Here’s the last one for now, Miss Danielle showing off Cameron’s new teeth!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
❤ Malice

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